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"I Am Ready To Live" was recorded at Ponci Recording Studio, a nice recording studio at Valeriano, Italy. This work started in February 2015 and finished in October 2017, but songs have been written in 2014 by me. It took 18 months and 13 musicians involved. A new band has been set up to record this CD : "Independent Minds". Below the names of musicians in alphabetical order:

  • Alberto Busacca - bass guitar
  • Alessandro Marcuzzi - trombone
  • Alfonso Zanier - lead guitar
  • Daniele D'Agaro - sax
  • Davide Zorzi - sax
  • Deni Vian - percussion
  • Erica Lavaroni - vocalist
  • Erwin Della Libera - drums
  • Fabio Bravin - keyboards
  • Gianni Massarutto - harmonica
  • Luca Mizzaro - trumpet
  • Stefano Polverini - vocalist
  • Remo Rombi - rhythm guitar

I Am Ready To Live

I Am Ready To Live (2017)

"I Am Ready To Live" is the title of an original rock opera I wrote in 2016. Set in an undefined future, due to an immense collision between galaxies the dimension of Time has been interrupted. Suddenly, everyone has the opportunity to see the past, present and future of its own life at the same time. This new and unexpected situation helps everyone to reconsider the true values of life. The lyrics of the songs tell about the common experiences that we have in our lives, and want to be a warning to each one, especially for the young people to whom this work is dedicated. The structure of the musical is "modular-type". Since "Time no longer exists", the sequences of the scenes, linked to the musical pieces, are simply "free". This feature helps to create a different show every time. Besides, it is not necessary to represent all the musical pieces at the theater, but only those that everyone is able to make. Changing the sequence and the number of the scenes, linked to the musical pieces, the show becomes very flexible and usable, according to all needs.
Feel free to contact me anytime for further information.