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This work was created in 2014, in my "home studio". With four DAWs (SONAR, ProTools, Cubase, Rosegarden), the hardware and software tools available at the time, creating a professional product has not overly challenging. Playing all the instruments on my own, and working on the arrangement, was very involved but amazing. Thanks Bob.

Playin' Bob

Playin' Bob (2014)

I have "come to know him", studied him and learned from him for many years and because of this, I do not considerl myself as "fan" of Bob Dylan in the common sense of the term. I have always felt the greatest appreciation for this man and his work for many reasons. From a purely musical point of view he was, in my world as self-taught guitarist, my first "guitar teacher". From a poetic, cultural, philosophical and political point of view, he was an important point of reference, even though his own viewpoints often drew criticism. I created my own musical CD to pay tribute to this man who, through the use of words alone, was able to paint beautiful pictures. To a man whose empathy and insight enabled him to synthesize human feelings and express them within an unprecedented architecture of sounds. This man rendered honor to Music by using it as a tool to openly and honestly express his views on the essence of life, on the future, and by bringing both intellectually and poetry to song. Perhaps in spite of himself , he represented a generation giving voice to, with the desire to be a part of its own future. I selected, with great difficulty, fifteen tracks which I feel are among the most representative of the era and of the author, and which with I have identified all my life. I have completely rearranged these songs,  as I often do with many of his songs. I do this not for profit, or recognition or other motives. It is my way of paying "tribute" to the man and artist Bob.
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