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Music has always been my life-long passion. I remember that as a young child I used to drum my hands on the table top trying to imitate the music that I heard on the radio or on television. For Christmas 1969, I received my first guitar. It was a six strings, acoustic "Meazzi", an italian guitar...a strange prelude to the "Ovation" which was to be part of my future. Completely overtaken with enthusiasm, (easily understood, especially by other musicians), I devoted a great deal of my time to that instrument, setting aside my school work, friends and... my first girlfriends.
My "Great Passion" was so intense that I would have liked to have studied music and the guitar at the Conservatory level. I didn't follow this dream. My father had quite a different future in mind for me...something "less vague" than music and I couldn't oppose him. This cost me a great deal, in many different ways. But my passion became and remained a hobby which has been, nonetheless, very fulfilling and has provided me with a great deal of satisfaction.
I began writing songs right away, long time ago. I wrote in Italian and only rarely in English, partly by choice, partly by necessity. At the onset, I was influenced by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, the Eagles, etc. . The Italian artists that I admired were Francesco Guccini, Francesco De Gregori, and Fabrizio DeAndre. Over the years, my taste has expanded and currently I prefer to listen to Blues, R&B, Funk, Soul, Smooth Jazz, Latin and Fusion.
I have never concentrated on the technical aspect of the guitar. My main focus was, and still is today, to compose music as an expression of ideas and feelings, and to leave to others the equally arduous task of producing it, without changing the content and meaning. I am not therefore, a true virtuoso. I use my guitar as a venue for expression. In order to satisfy certain requirements necessary to realize my creative instincts and fantasies (such as reading and writing music scores), I studied with a friend of mine who received her music degree in piano studies. The next logical step after having completed my studies was to become a member of S.I.A.E. (Society of Italian Authors and Editors). I was registered as "Autore della Parte Letteraria" and "Compositore Melodista Trascrittore".
Since the 80's I have also been immersed in the world of computers and have tried to take advantage of the many creative opportunities that this has offered me. I had found a new venue for creating music. My most meaningful musical experience was in relation to a musical group, Papa November, which, in the 80's, had significant success. I composed the music pieces and the group then was in full charge of the arrangements. Their elaboration on the original did not detract from the essence of the composition. In fact it was in keeping with the group's key approach to music: that is, to be limited by neither a particular predefined musical genre nor a standardized style.
Today a new musical adventure is running. I am a registered member of SoundReef and all my musical composition are registered with it already. The excellent collaboration with a band called "Independent Minds" increases my enthusiasm and experience, renewing my desire for making music with "no fences facing".

"If I show you my music, the playlist that keep my heart beating and my outlook bright, I am sharing with you part of my deepest secret inner world and have found you worthy to peer into my very being".

Thanks for being here.